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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Terms Used
Certificate, Registration and License all have the same meaning
Label, Law Label and Tag all have the same meaning
Goods, Items and Products all have the same meaning

Why am I getting errors when using your website?
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What is a Law Label?
Law Labels exists to give consumer the knowledge they need to make purchases of stuffed goods. The Law Label contains the composition of the stuffing material, manufacturer details and other information. The Law Label tag is made of long lasting materials like Tyvek.

What is a Uniform Registration Number (URN)?
A URN is a number (Example: OH 12345 (CN) ) that is assigned for each law label. EACH FACTORY LOCATION MUST HAVE IT'S OWN LAW LABEL! If you company has multiple factories, then you must have each factory registered with a different URN. This number is assigned once by any of the 14 registration states, and then it is used for the applications to all the other states. The URN will be printed on the law labels. It is also used to ensure that the manufacturer is keeping their registrations up to date by the states.

A URN is NOT the same as a Registration Number, or "RN", provided by the U.S. Federal Trade Comission. That is a general business number used for completely different purposes.

What is a manufacturer?
A manufacturer is defined as the company that owns the factory where the final sewing/enclosing of the product takes palce. It is NOT the distributor, wholesaler or importer. If your bedding items are manufactured by another company, THAT company is the manufacturer, not yours.

What is an Importer?
An importer is the company who is bringing the bedding items to the United States for sale by themselves or others.

What is Registration?
It is simply the act of registering with a state, by the manufacturer or importer, to sell stuffed and bedding goods in that state. As a manufacturer, you MUST register each factory/plant separately. You will be assigned a new URN for each factory/plant. You may register a "joint" license shared with an Importer.

What is "Joint" registration?
A manufacturer can share the registration certificate with an importer. This is called a "joint" registration because both the manufacturer and importer company names are on the certificate. THIS TYPE OF CERTIFICATE CAN ONLY BE USED FOR THE IMPORTER SHOWN ON THE CERTIFICATE. IT CAN NOT BE USED TO SELL GOODS WITH ANY OTHER IMPORTER! If this type of license is used, the law label can have "Made For..." or "Imported By..." printed on it. If the certificate is only for the manufacturer, the law label can only have "Made By..." on it.

What U.S. States and Canadian Provinces require registration?
Expire Dates
State Fees

California - CA (Requires compliance)
2 Years
Connecticut - CT
April 30
Delaware - DE
December 31
Detroit - DET
December 31
Massachusetts - MA
June 30
North Carolina - NC
January 31
New York - NY
1 Year
Ohio - OH (Requires sample testing)
1 Year
Oklahoma - OK
June 30
Pennsylvania - PA
1 Year
Rhode Island - RI
3 Years
Utah - UT
December 31
Virginia - VA
1 Year
West Virginia - WV
June 30
Manitoba Canada - MB
1 Year
Ontario Canada - ON
1 Year
Quebec Canada - QC
1 Year

Will Law Label Services register my company in Canada?
YES! We are glad to help you get registered in Canada!
There are 3 provinces, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba that have law label requirements similar to the U.S.
The labels are very similar to the U.S. labels, but also include French language on them.
If you are labeling bed pillows, comforters, sleeping bags or clothing apparel, you must also declare the outer shell material on the label.
Click here for sample Canadian law labels and other helpful information.

What products require registration?
Just about any item that contains stuffing is required by at least some states to be registered. Click here for more information on what states require what items to be registered. We can help you determine what states you need to register your products in. Example: If you do not select Ohio for registration, but sell goods in Ohio, you could be fined or banned from selling in Ohio ever again.

Are there any other fees?
Yes, Detroit, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania charge a per item fee on a regular basis. Click here for more information on the per item fees.

Why do I have to register?
14 U.S. states require by law the manufacturer and possibly importer to submit an application of registration. That application will allow the manufacturer or importer to sell their goods in that state.

What if I use an importer?
If you are a foreign manufacturer, 6 of the 15 required states demand that you AND the Importer must be registered. The other 9 states require that only the manufacturer be registered. You must enter the Importer's Name, Address and Contact information on the application.

What if I am an importer?
Importers must register in six (6) states, California, Connecticut, Detroit, Ohio, Utah and Virginia. The manufacturer must still register in those states since the Manufacturer must be registered where ever their goods are sold. However there are benefits if you register a "joint" license shared with a manufacturer. See above for more information. You must have the manufacturer's URN available when you register.

What testing does Ohio do?
Ohio tests the filling materials to make sure the manufacturers are labeling the goods correctly. An incorrect label could cause health problems with certain individuals.

What testing does California do?
California requires flammability compliance for upholstered furniture sold in the state.

COMPLIANCE of filling materials and fabrics with TB 117-2013 for furniture is MANDATORY.

As of January 1, 2014 California has adopted a new flammability standard for upholstered furniture, referred to as TB117-2013. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture must construct their upholstered furniture to meet the TB117-2013 requirements. As of January 1, 2015, all upholstered furniture sold in California must meet the TB117-2013 flammability standard. You may visit the CA website for all information regarding the newly adopted standard, TB117-2013 at:


How much does it cost?
The state fees vary from $5 to over $720. They are usually good for one year. Ohio and Pennsylvania charge a "per item" fee of $0.04 (OH) and $0.025(PA). North Carolina and Texas base the registration fee on how many items you sell in their states each year.
Law Label Services charges $79 per law label registration and $59 for each renewal.

What are the steps to get registered?
(Click here for more details)
Step 1: Create an account with Law Label Services
Step 2: Sign Company Agreement and email it to
Step 3: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A URN Certificate, send it to Law Label Services
Step 4: LOGIN and create your Company Information document
Step 5: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE LAW LABELS WITH A VALID URN, send 100 sample law labels to Law Label Services
Step 6: You are now ready to register with the states
Step 7: Log in to our website and click on REGISTRATION AND RENEWAL, then follow the instructions.
Step 8: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID URN, Law Label Services will register your company for a certificate with one of the states
Step 9: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LAW LABELS, please have 100 sample law labels printed and sent to Law Label Services
Step 10: (OPTIONAL) Send stuffing sample to Ohio. They will contact you with the requirements.
Step 11: (OPTIONAL) Complete California Application
Step 12: (OPTIONAL) Complete North Carolina Application
Step 13: You are complete!

Why does LLS need a Company Agreement from me?
In order to automate and speed up the registration process, Law Label Services will be signing and submitting the applications on your behalf. The Company Agreement gives Law Label Services the ability to sign and submit the application and receive the completed certificates from the states, but nothing else.

What if I don’t register?
You will be violating U.S. state laws. You risk the loss of income from not selling your good in the U.S. If you sell your product and it is found to be out of compliance, the product will be pulled from the store or retiler immaediately. You will also risk having a fine levied against your company.

How long does it take?
Creating an account with Law Label Services and filling in your company information only takes a few minutes.
We can get a URN for you in 1-2 business days.
Once the URN is known, you will need to mail 100 labels to us.
Law Label Services will take about 1-2 days to submit the applications to the states.
It will take an additional 2-4 weeks for the state offices to complete in all the states except California. They will take at least 6-8 weeks.

What is the first thing I need to do?
Go HERE and Create an Account.
Then follow the instructions HERE.

What if I don’t have a URN?
We will apply for a URN in a state, depending on where you will selling your goods.

What if I use Down Feathers?
Go to our Down Feather Help page.

How long does the registration last?
All states require yearly registration at a minimum. Below is the list of dates each state uses for expiration:

Every February 28th

North Carolina

Every April 30th


Every June 30th

Massachusetts, Oklahoma, West Virginia

Every December 31st

Delaware, Detroit, Utah

12 months from date of issue

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia

24 months from date of issue


36 months from date of issue

Rhode Island

Law Label Services will notify you 60 days, 30 days and 5 days ahead of when ALL of your registrations are due. We make sure you will always have plenty of time to renew your application.

How soon can I register or renew?
Your company may make the initial registration at any time. Once you have been issued a URN certificate, you will need to follow the renewal schedule above for each state. You can not renew earlier than 60 days before the expiration date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call toll free 1-866-684-7194, International (001) 614-543-0479 or write

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